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  1. All students will undergo physical examination to ensure that they are in the prescribed attire, hair trimmed according to school regulation etc. at the school gate.
  2. All students are to submit the following forms: Placement form, Admission Letter, Personal Record Form, Undertaking etc. Acceptance Form to the administrative officer
  3. All students are to report to the Senior Housemaster and Senior Housemistress or their assistants for registration
  4. Students especially boarders are to report to their housing parents or their assistants for their Kit-list to be inspected.
  5. Boarders are to report to the Senior Housemaster and Senior Housemistress for allocation of tables at the dining hall.
  6. Under no circumstance should a student give pocket money or any personal items to a senior for safe keeping. Such monies should be kept with their house parents.


  1. Students are to report to their House-parents for registration immediately on arrival.
  2. Boarders are to report to the Senior Housemaster and Senior Housemistress for table allocation.


The school adheres strictly to the Ghana Education Service Disciplinary Code and in addition has its own rules and regulations to suit the local conditions. Refer to the rules and regulations in prospectus.


  1. All visitors are received by students between the hours of 11am to 5pm on the first Saturday of every month.
  2. Visitors are not supposed to be taken to the dormitories. (This includes day students)
  3. All visitors must leave the compound by 5pm. Should it become necessary to visit a student outside the visiting hours, permission must be sought from the school administration.


  1. All school gatherings are compulsory to students.

  2. They include General Assembly, Attendance to class and Dining hall, Grounds work, Religious meeting, club and societal meetings and emergency assembly.

Anlo Secondary School (ANSECO) is one of the Government Assisted Secondary Schools in Ghana; now known as Anlo Senior High School. It is a co-educational institution as it admits both male and female students after completion of their Basic Education and upon passing the Basic School Certificate Examinations. It has facilities for both boarders and day students. The school was established in August 1954. However, due to low enrolment and inadequate fund amidst remnants of the political and social unrest at that time, the school could not merit absorption into the Public School system leading to its collapse in the last quarter of 1958. On 10th of April, 1959 the school was re-opened by these gallant founding fathers: Torgbi Adeladza II, Mr. Cephas Kofi Fiagbe and Mr. James W.K. Doe (all of blessed memory). From a humble beginning on 10th April 1959, ANSECO has grown to become the fourth largest school in the Volta region.

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